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Hair services

Name of service Price (ruble) Time (min)
Classical men’s haircut 2000 60 min
Buzz haircut (with clippers) 1400 30 min
Beard trim 800 20 min
American Crew Precision Blend permanent color for men 1500 30 min
Stimulating head massage with hair strengthening tonic 1100 30 min
Additional scalp infusion tonic 350
Paul Mitchel Tea Tree Hair&Scalp Treatment (conditioning peel + head massage) 1100 30 min
Nioxin Scalp Renew 2000 30 min
Haircut for women

All haircuts include wash and blowdry. Additional charge of 600 Rub for styling with curling or flattening iron, hot curlers and etc.

Name of service Price (ruble) Time (min)
Short hair cut 2300 30 min
Haircut for medium legnth (from short Bob to shoulder length 2600 60 min
Haircut for long hair (below shoulders) 3000 60 min
Short hair 1650 60 min
Medium hair 2000 60 min
Long hair 2200 60 min
Wash and style for special occasion

Price and time depends on hair length and style selected. Consultation is free

short hair 2650+ 60 min
short hair 3200+ 60 min
long hair 3650+ 60 min
Simple Braiding (does not include wash&blowdry) 1650 60 min
Special Braiding (includes wash&blowdry) 3000 60 min
Color services

Blow-dry not included in color services. Additional (800 rub-1100 rub) if service is requested

Wella Coloring
Same color touch up (permanent or semi-permanent)
Roots (up to 2cm) 3000 90 min
Short hair 3300 90 min
Medium hair 3500 90 min
long hair (up to 40 cm) 4000 90 min
Extra long hair (above 40 cm) 5000 120 min
Color Removal 2000 30 min
Blonding roots 1500 60 min
Blonding short hair 2500 60 min
Blonding medium hair 3000 90 min
Blonding long hair 3500 90 min
3D Coloring (creative technique)
Short hair 4000
Medium length 5000
Long hair 6000
short hair 3500
Medium hair 4000
Long hair (up to 40 cm) 4750
Extra long hair (above 40 cm) 5500
Partial (1/2 head, 2/3 etc) 3000+
Individual foils 300 each
Additional color 1250
Highlights toning 1500
Perming or Relaxing
short hair 3500
medium hair 4000
long hair 5000
Organic Color Systems
Intensive conditioning treatment before coloring Power Build/Aqua Boost 1100
short hair 3800
medium hair 4500
long hair 5500
Extra long hair 6500
Special conditioning coloring Goldwell Ellumen or Cellophanes
short hair 3000
medium hair 3500
long hair 4000
Extra long hair 4500
Brazillian Blowout/Keratin Complex by Coppola
short hair 10000
medium hair 12000
long hair 15000
Hair and scalp deep conditioning treatments
Deep conditioning Treatment Wella 550
Deep conditioning treatment Sebastian Penetraitt, Hydre 1100
Moroccanoil SPA Hair treatment 1100
Soy Keratin Hair Filler 1300
Nioxin Scalp renew treatment 2000
Stimulating head massage with hair strengthening tonic 1100
Additional hair strength elixir (Wella SP) 350
Paul Mitchel Tea Tree Hair&Scalp Treatment (conditioning peel + head massage) 1100
Nioxin Scalp Renew (exclusive scalp renewal treatment) 2000
Hair Extensions (Great Lengths)

Hair extensions can be used to add length and/or volume to your hair. An average of 110-150 extension strands are bonded into a full head of hair depending on hair density. A full head of extensions would take between 3-5 hrs. See the «Great Lengths» website for more information on the actual hair extensions:
Price per strand is depending on the length and the quality of hair from 300 per strand.

Swarovski crystals — 350 Rub. per crystal
Removal of extensions per strand — 40 Rub
To estimate the cost and chose the extension technique please call for a free stylist’s consult.

Name of service Price (ruble) Time (min)
Haircut for Children 1200 45 min
Haircut for Children long hair 2000 60 min
Braiding for kids 700 60 min

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