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TIPS: You should refrain from using waxing as a hair-removal method if you are using Retin-A (currently or in the last 3 months), Accutane (currently or in the past 4 months), other keratolytic medications (that increase skin exfoliation), or are sunburned or recovering from a recent laser peel. Also, if you have a low pain threshold, you may want to take some Tylenol or Aspirin about 30 mins prior to waxing to ease pain.

Name of service Price (ruble)
Eyebrow 650
Lip or Chin 650
Cheeks 650
Upper or lower arm 950
Full arm 1500
Underarm 950
Upper or Lower Leg 1500
Full leg 2100
Basic Bikini 2000
Extensive Bikini 2500
Brazilian Bikini 3000
Back 3000
Buttocks 1350
Facial Massage 2000
PAYOT Facials
Deep Cleansing Pore Treatment 4500
Intensive Moisture Treatment 4000
«SOS» Calming treatment for sensitive skin 4000
Radiance Boosting Facial 4000
Treatment for oily, problem skin 4500
Anti-ageing treatment 5000
VIP Instant Lifting for mature skin 6000
Collagen eye treatment with facial 1000
Just for men facial treatment 4000
DermaQuest Intensive Skin Therapy
Primary/Power Alpha Peptide Resurfacer 4000
Primary/Power Pumpkin Resurfacer 3000

Everyone deserves beautiful skin and can achieve a healthy complexion with a youthful glow. After your esthetician’s analysis, she will customize an appropriate facial and prescribe a personalized homecare regimen to achieve your maximum potential.

The following 2 procedures are more than a facial as they start with a power Alpha Peptide Resurfacer. These facials will uncover your natural vibrant complexion, while firming and smoothing the skin. Layers of the peptide serums and masks are providing anti aging benefits, while reducing wrinkles, and immediate visual lifting and tightening of the skin. The Dermaquest Advanced Facials are great for those, who are too busy to have a regular facial ones a week and want to look perfect with just a one per month facial. These facials are the true alternative to surgical or injectable rejuvenation.

Hollywood star — 1 hour — 5500
Four Layers Peptide Resurfacing treatment
Is the premier anti-aging skin treatment. Alpha Peptide resurfacer followed by four layers of active peptide products gives your skin sensational youthful look, just like Cinderella from the famous fairytale. Experience layer upon layer of the Enzyme Peptide Mask, than C-Lipoic Mask and 2 types of peptide serum to rejuvenate tone and help firm the skin. Immediate results and long term benefits: younger looking skin with visibly renewed moisture and an afterglow that lasts. Skin is cleaner, healthier, and radiant.
*Face, neck and Decollete. Does not include massage.

Holiday Express – 40 min — 4500
Express Resurfacing Treatment
Maximum results in a minimum amount of time. Provides immediate, 100% in-depth moisturizing and superior and-oxidant protection. Boosts moisture content while combating hyper-pigmentations and wrinkles. This express facial treatment will smooth, lift, and invigorate your skin. The Power Alpha Peptide Resurfacer increases cellular turnover to rejuvenate the skin, while peptides soften fine lines and wrinkles.
*Face, neck and Decollete. Does not include massage.

Individual Dermaquest Intensive Program — 4500
Dermaquest Facial prescribed only for you. Can be based on a resurfacer or massage.

Body Peel with Sea Salt 3500
Anticellulite Body Wrap 4500
Relaxing Body Wrap 4500
Hot Stone Massage Heated stones are used in combination with hot oils to massage the body gently and smoothly to bring about a deep state of relaxation. The heat from the stones penetrates the  muscles, helping to ease tension, soothe inflammation, stimulate the circulatory system and assist the body in self-healing. When appropriate, cold stones are alternated with hot stones. The Expat Salon maintains an individual approach to each client and their specific needs. An average session lasts 75 mins and a course of 6 sessions is highly recommended. 4250
Classical body massage (relaxing, deep tissue, etc.)  60min 3000
90 min Full body massage 4000
Back massage 30 min 2000

Parisian Peel Microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion Treatment is a skin polishing procedure that involves sanding off the first layer of skin with tiny crystals resulting in newer healthier, younger skin. Parisian Peel microdermabrasion treatments result in rejuvenation and improvement in appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, blackheads and small scars. The procedure is painless and most people resume regular activities right away. Some temporary redness similar to a light sunburn may occur.

Face 3000
Face, neck and decollete 4000
Back Treatment 3500

Biologique Micro Current Treatment. Performed to achieve the following benefits: improve muscle tone in face and neck, lift jowls and eyebrows, reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, improve facial circulation, skin exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, sun damage treatment, skin pigment improvement, product penetration, and much more. It is recommended to have 5 treatments with the interval of 2-3 days — 5000

IPL Rejuvelux Treatments By Palomar MediLux

Palomar has developed the Rejuvelux Photo process for the treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions on the face, as well as the arms, chest, and other areas. The Rejuvelux process is able to clear sunspots, redness, telangiectasias, and other conditions, in order to improve the skin tone.

Treatment of face 9500
Face and Neck 13500
Cheeks 5700
Chest 9000
Face, Neck, and Chest 16000
Hands 4000
Treatment of spiderveins, scars, or individual spots 375 (per pulse)
Palomar IPL Hair Removal/Reduction
Women’s services
Consultation free
Lip or Chin 2200
Lip and Chin 3800
neck (front or back) 2750
neck (front and back) 4500
Glabella (between eyebrows) 1650
Cheeks 2600
Ears or Nose 1650
Bikini line 4000
Extended bikini 6000
Bare bikini 8500
Buttocks 3650
Underarms 3500
Upper or Lower Arms 5500
Full Arms 7500
Lower or Upper legs 8000
Full Legs 15000
hands or feet 2200
Lower Abdomen 2750
Men’s Services
Full beard (includes cheeks, lip, chin, and front of neck) 6500
Partial Beard (up to three areas) 5500
Ears or nose 2000
Neck (front or back) 3250
Neck (front and back) 6000
Shoulders 4750
Chest 8000
Back with shoulders (up to 180 cm) 12000
Back with shoulders (above 180 cm) 14500
Male bikini (regular) 6500
Abdomen 6500
LPG Endermologie

Endermologie, is the number one scientifically tested way to reduce your body’s cellulite. Endermologie is a patented technique employing a mechanized device with two motorized rollers and regulated suction. This non-surgical and non-invasive device creates a symmetrical skin fold, which allows deep tissue mobilization to occur and results in reduction of cellulite and loss of inches. For best results, one or two visits per week are necessary until 15 to 20 visits are completed. To keep the effect, clients should visit once per month thereafter.

One Session  (full body)- 35 mins 3000
Endermologie body suit 1500
Botox  (1 unit) 350
Facial Fillers
Facial Fillers
Surgiderm 18 – 0,8 ml 8500
Surgiderm 18 – 0,8 ml х 2 syringes 15500
Surgiderm 24XP – 0,8 ml 13000
Surgiderm 24XP – 0,8 ml х 2 syringes 22500
Surgiderm 30 – 0,8 ml 13000
Surgiderm 30 – 0,8 ml х 2 syringes 22000
Surgiderm 30XP – 0,8 ml 14500
Surgiderm 30XP – 0,8 ml х 2 syringes 25000
Juvederm Ultra 3 – 0,8 14500
Juvederm Ultra 4- 0,8 15600
IAL-System 0,6 ml 5000
IAL-System 1,1 ml 7800
Amino-Ial 4000
DMAE 1 ampoule 4500
Mesohair 3500
Vitacomplex 3000
Homeopathic Meso Cocktails 3000
Mesotherapy for Body
Draining cocktail 2500
Мesoslim 3500
Mesostretch 3500
Lipolis 4000

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